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"All-Natural" Product?

There are many "All-Natural" cosmetic companies out there. They sell anything from lotions to body scrubs, even venturing into facial creams. However, the term "all-natural" can be misleading. We, as the consumers have blindly put our trust in the honest labeling of these companies with the hopes that "all-natural" meant just that. We wouldn't have to worry about any harsh chemicals, because under the perceived definition of "all-natural", there wouldn't be any, right?

Did you know that there is still no definitive definition of "all-natural"? Thanks to the Natural Cosmetics Act, they have a loosely given definition as of now. It states at least 70% of the ingredients must be naturally derived. What about the other 30%? What amount of chemicals falls into that 30%? How many harsh chemicals can be added and still deemed "all-natural"? When reading labels for companies, do your research. Look up the effects of the chemicals present in the product. Look up the words you have never seen before and make sure there aren't any severe side effects from those chemicals present in the product.

Here at Gal Six Naturals, we strive to make sure our products can live up to the definition of All-Natural. We do not add any chemicals to our products, meaning, as time goes on they will grow old and expire. That's the double edged sword of natural beauty products, they aren't meant to have a permanent shelf life. But you can be certain that what's going on your body, skin, face, are things you do not have to look up to know what they are. We hope you do business with us and enjoy our products! Remember, always look up the ingredients your using for your beauty products to make sure they won't cause any side effects to health and well-being.

Be Blessed!

Gal Six Naturals LLC

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